PBS Distribution, formerly known as PBS Home Video, is the home video distribution unit of American television network PBS. The company releases DVDs (under the name "PBS DVD"), Blu-rays andVHS tapes of PBS series and movies.

PBS Distribution has gone through a long history of going through commercial distributors. Originally, the company simply released videos on their own, but when they went through wider distribution, newer releases from 1989 onward were distributed by Pacific Arts. In 1994, PBS moved distribution over to Turner Home Entertainment, and then Warner Home Video when Turner Home Entertainment's parent company merged with Time Warner in 1997. In 2004, PBS began distributing with Paramount Home Entertainment, before forming a joint venture with WGBH-TV, shuttering their ties to Paramount, and going independent again in 2011, and being renamed to its current name, PBS Distribution.

Video Releases in 1988 Edit

  • Let's Talk About Wearing a Cast
  • Talks With Parents About School
  • Visit to the Emergency Department, A
  • Talks With Parents About Divorce
  • Talks With Parents About Competition
  • Talks With Parents About Discipline
  • Talks With Parents About Pets
  • Talks With Parents About Make-Believe
  • Talks With Parents About Daycare
  • Talking With Young Children About Death
  • Death of a Goldfish
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