The CBS/Fox Company, or CBS/Fox Video was a home video company formed and established in 1982, as a merger between 20th Century Fox Video, formerly Magnetic Video Corporation, and CBS Video Enterprises which sold film libraries from major American film studios and was the American licensee ofBBC Video releases. These products were released in the VHS and Betamax home video formats. September 8, 2000 - February 15, 2017

The company was based in Farmington Hills, Michigan (home of its predecessor Magnetic Video) until 1985, when it moved to Livonia, Michigan. In 1989, it moved its headquarters to New York City, where it stayed until it became Fox Video (now 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment) in 1991.

CBS/Fox Video was founded under a 50-50 venture with 20th Century Fox in 1982 when CBS broke off a previous venture formed in 1980 with MGM. During this period, both companies continued to operate independently while maintaining their partnership. A reorganization occurred in 1990 with CBS selling products under the CBS Video name (which had been sparingly used since the 1970s) and mainstream Fox titles being controlled by FoxVideo; the change was enacted in 1991. In 1998, CBS/Fox was acquired by Fox Entertainment Group and later ceased operations in that year. Since CBS/Fox disbanded, their film rights have been brought by 20th Century Fox and CBS merged with Viacom.

Video Releases Edit

1992 Edit

  • Learning is Everywhere

1993 Edit

  • Doctor Your Friend, The (through Time-Life Video)
  • Going to School
  • Are You Brave and Don't Know It?

1994 Edit

  • Circus Fun
  • Going to School
  • Kindness
  • Love Making Music
  • Our Earth: Clean and Green
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